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Not Talking Football Podcast

I won't lie.  I'm not interested in Football.  But I AM interested in the legends who played the game.

Each week I interview a VFL/AFL legend of the game about everything other than their football careers.

What did their parents do?  Where did they go to school? What job did they do outside of football?

Are the married?  What are their dreams? How did they handle their fame? How did they deal with leaving the game?  It's all here with a different legend each week. 

Ep18: Tony Liberatore

Ep17: Terry Daniher

Ep16: Sam Kekovich


Ep15: Doug Hawkins


Ep14: Mark Allen


Ep13: Brad Hardie


Ep12: Denis Pagan

Ep11: Simon Beasley


Ep10: Rex Hunt

Ep 09: Don Scott

Ep 08: Rene Kink


Ep 07: David Schwarz

Ep 06: Wayne Schwass

Ep 05: Sam Newman


Ep 04: Tony Shaw


Ep 03: Robert Dipierdomenico

Ep 02:  Gary Ayres

Ep 01:  Simon Madden