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The Mervyn Purvis Kwik Kwiz Podcast

Click below to hear the Mervyn Purvis Kwik Kwiz podcast. Episodes uploaded every Thursday.

From the early 1990s until 2015 Mervyn Purvis joined Bruce Mansfield and Philip Brady each Sunday evening on their 3AW Nostalgia Program "Remember When" during the antiques and collectibles segment.
A feature of that segment was a short weekly quiz hosted by Bruce Mansfield, John Dees, or occasionally Gus Duck.
Regular contestants were Mervyn Purvis, Philip Brady, Ian Armstrong and Simon Owens.  
Over the years other contestants included Ken Francis, Paul Cronin, Jim Sherlock, Paul Harris, Bert Newton and others we can't recall at this time

The most recent podcasts are here, alongside the Simon Owens Show, Remember When and Compilation Conversations podcasts..