Welcome to my site.


I created this site simply because I wear a few different hats so I wanted to be able to direct you to one all-encompassing place.


In short:
I host two radio programs.
I am available to emcee events and fundraisers
I run a couple of facebook pages and other social media 
I look after a couple of podcasts
I run an archive posting interesting radio and television snippets
I helped create and still help run a Junior Basketball club.

I produced a couple of CDs (back when they were a thing)
I write an occasional blog

I am the unofficial historian and archivist for the radio station 3AW 693 (that's a love job).


Scroll down for specifics or check the menu at the top of the page.

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Text Anytime
AUS  0490 482 915
OS +614 9048 2915
Call the shows
AUS 96 900 693
OS +613 9690 0693
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